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Aleena Haider

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Aleena Haider

Aleena Haider

Grade Seven Teacher

Meet our experienced class teacher, a beacon of inspiration and guidance for young minds. With a passion for education and a commitment to nurturing curiosity, our teacher creates an engaging and supportive learning environment where students thrive and excel


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Principal Remarks

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your dedication, passion, and commitment to our Grade Seven students here at OPVG International Online School. As the principal of our school, I am continually inspired by your tireless efforts to provide our students with a supportive, engaging, and enriching learning experience.Your expertise in teaching and your genuine care for the well-being and academic success of our Grade 7 students shine through in everything you do. Your ability to create a classroom environment where students feel valued, respected, and motivated to learn is truly commendable.

Aleena Haider is not merely a teacher but a beacon of inspiration, igniting young minds with an infectious passion for learning. With her profound understanding of early childhood development, She cultivates an environment where curiosity flourishes and imaginations soar.

About Aleena

Strong understanding of child development principles.

Creative and imaginative approach to teaching

Effective communicator with students, parents, and colleagues

Subject Mastery

Positive Classroom Management.

Empathy and Patience

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