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To OPVG International Online School, a pioneering institution committed to revolutionizing education in the digital era as Virtual School in Pakistan

Opgv International Online School

Welcome to OPVG School

A pioneering institution committed to revolutionizing education in the digital era. By OPVG Teachers,  We believe that education should be accessible, dynamic, and tailored to the needs of each student.

Why Choose OPVG


Unlocking Endless Possibilities in Education, Innovative Learning Experience, Personalized Education, Global Perspective and Diversity, Experienced and Passionate Educators.

Learning includes

Live classes

Cooperative Staff

Extra-Curricular Activities

Free access to educational resources

Peer Assessments

School Events

We understand the importance of creating a vibrant and inclusive community that goes beyond the virtual classroom. Our commitment to providing a holistic educational experience is reflected in the diverse range of events that bring students, parents, and educators together in a spirit of camaraderie, celebration, and learning

Extra Activities

We believe that education extends far beyond textbooks and exams. Our commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience is exemplified through a vibrant array of extracurricular activities. These activities are designed to not only enhance the academic journey but also allow students to explore, develop talents, and foster a sense of camaraderie in the online school community.


We recognize the transformative power of teamwork in shaping a dynamic and inclusive virtual learning environment. Our commitment to collaborative excellence goes beyond individual achievements, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in preparing students for the interconnected challenges of the future.

Innovative Classroom

We believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional education, harnessing the power of technology and innovation to create a virtual classroom experience that is dynamic, engaging, and responsive to the needs of the modern learner. Our commitment to an innovative classroom sets the stage for a transformative educational journey.

Volunteer Activities

We recognize the transformative power of giving back to the community. Our commitment to holistic education extends beyond academic excellence, and we encourage our students to actively engage in virtual volunteer activities. Through these initiatives, we aim to instill a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and a spirit of service in our students.

Digital Portal

We understand the importance of seamless connectivity and access to resources in the digital age. Our innovative digital portal serves as the gateway to a comprehensive online learning experience, offering students, educators, and parents a centralized hub for all aspects of their academic journey.

Our Teachers

Our educators are the heart and soul of the virtual learning experience. Committed to fostering academic excellence, our teachers bring passion, expertise, and adaptability to the online classroom, creating a dynamic and supportive environment for students.

Mental Health

We recognize the importance of mental health as a cornerstone of overall well-being. We understand that the journey of education is not just about academic success; it’s about nurturing the complete individual.
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School Features

Key feautures of OPVG International Online School

At OPVG International Online School we have highly qualified and fully trained teachers for all grades.

OPVG International Online School is registered and affiliated with different boards .

Daily live classes on Zoom , Daily Homework and assignments on Portal.

At OPVG International Online School we engage students in various extra curricular activities

We offer project based learning and students collaborate with their peers to solve question

At OPVG we conduct various events such as Mother Day, Father Day , Iqbal Day,Volunteers Day etc.

Online School in Pakistan: A Step for Future

Our Virtual School is Pakistan’s pioneering virtual school, redefining the education landscape. Our Innovative online school in Pakistan provides the best opportunity for 8th graders to improve themselves in this competitive learning experience; with our virtual classes, without leaving their homes, individuals get access to all of the courses.

Enroll now for our virtual classes and join the ranks of satisfied students who have discovered the right online school in Pakistan. We provide an unmatched educational experience geared to current needs.

Ensure your youngster seizes the opportunity to thrive in the digital era. Choose OPVG Virtual School, the innovative online school in Pakistan, and secure their place in our next class of digital pioneers.

OPVG International Online School and Virtual School in Pakistan

Online schools and classes are now a part of the education system, and students are more concerned about online classes than physical classes. You can learn in your comfort place, and we are providing the best online school in Pakistan. Our professional teachers will teach students innovatively and ensure they cover a comprehensive curriculum that meets national and international standards. Your kids will be safe, and you won’t have to worry about anything with our secure servers. We are unsure about your privacy, and your data is not under any threat.

Innovative Online School in Pakistani

This Pakistani online school is an innovative approach to studying, and our platform is the first platform that provides online school for your kids. From Nursery to class 8th, our expert teachers will offer you the best class experience, and they will teach all this with an international standard.

Certified Teachers and Cooperative Staff

Our certified teachers are well-trained and highly educated for Online school in Pakistan. We offer various subjects and personalize changes according to each student’s needs. Our classes are quality education at affordable prices. We also offer extracurricular activities so students learn more and understand their potential. Unlock infinite possibilities in education, and make sure your kids will learn from the comfort of your home.

At OPVG, we offer the best school experience. Don’t compromise on your children’s education; let us help your kids make their future perfect. With our platform, your kids can learn from anywhere without any hassle.

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Best school ever

Best school ever. I'm recommending it. If you are searching for an online school for your kid. OPVG is the only choice, and best choice.

Miss Mehwish


OPVG International School is a revered institution

OPVG International School is a revered institution that has gained recognition for its exceptional educational standards and commitment to intellectual growth.

Lubaba Fatima


This is the best online school

This is the best online school.The level of education so good,teachers are hardworking and all staff is so cooperative.

Hamed Mughal


Hands down to the Best online school

Hands down to the Best online school, a wonderful staff, highly qualified teachers and management with which you feel like home

Bisha Faisal


Good morning Really this is very good

Good morning Really this is very good effort for Education in OPVG my son clear from this school In very good learning from this school and all teachers are hard working lavel God bless all teachers management's and school Bye

Abdul Rehman


OPVG is highly recommended online school system

OPVG is highly recommended online school system.i am satisfied for education of my daughter .The teachers are well qualified focusing on both child's education as well as character building. Thanks OPVG Team

Haleem Qureshi


My daughter has attended OPVG

My daughter has attended OPVG Int School. She absolutely loves the school and the staff. Her teachers are a great encouragement, and the academic program is great.

shoaib muhammad


Doing a fantastic job

Doing a fantastic job. Teachers and admin staff are very cooperative. I feel so relaxed being a part of this international school. I was so much upset regarding my daughters studies but now m so relaxed.

Nabila Taimoor


I'll highly recommend OPVG

I'll highly recommend OPVG on behalf of my personal experience.Its staff is very cooperative.Its my son's second year in it kindly choose best for your kids because its the matter of your kids future and OPVG is a best school.

Mohammad Arhaam


Very nice profile

Very nice profile picture which is appealing and provides incentives to help each other Others

Muhammad Muzammil



Allhumdulilah the best online institute and a very great efforts done for overseas Pakistani.

Quratulain Khalil



Appreciate to all team members

Khurram Sayeed


I am fully satisfied

ASSALAM U ALIKUM I Really appreciate the work of Opvg school i am fully satisfied with teachers. And teacher are so responsible about study.keep going #OPVG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IS THE BEST.

Faisal patni


Great School

Really happy with it

Habiba Usman


Very good School

Both studies and extra curriculum activities are given equal importance

Azra khan

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